Street Sketchbook
February 11th – April 9th, 2022

Robert Berry Gallery is pleased to announce Street Sketchbook, featuring new works by CANTSTOPGOODBOY. The show opens on February 11th, 2022 at

“I want my art to be a splash of color in people’s lives: something unique that you look at in the morning, and brings a smile to your face every day,” stated CANTSTOPGOODBOY, alias of Nick Simon. “I wanted my works to bring positivity to people’s lives, not show a negative or political message. My pieces have messages in them, but they are not meant to be hard to look at. I want viewers to feel good, and even for their eyes to go crazy with excitement and delight.”

At 30 years old, CANTSTOPGOODBOY (CSGB), is quickly making his mark in the contemporary art world. A native of Southern California, he was introduced to the world of art at an early age by his mother, a professional art restorer. 

“Nick Simon has been developing his iconography for years and with Street Sketchbook has successfully pushed the boundaries of what street art can be in a gallery setting,” stated Robert Berry of Robert Berry Gallery.

For his debut solo show at Robert Berry Gallery, CANTSTOPGOODBYE has created eight new works featuring lions, astronauts, Native American chiefs, and other icons in his signature style. The exhibition is on view through April 9th

“Growing up, I wanted to be an animator or cartoonist; this new body of work is a whole new style of backgrounds for me,” stated Mr. Simon. “I wanted to give it a gritty feel to compliment the vibrant colors and vintage comics. A lot of pieces have stencils and danger tape: these works represent a gritty, super colorful, street sketchbook side of things.”

These new works include Street Sketchbook, which features the artist’s iconic lion image; The Launch, an astronaut amongst a background splash of color; Before Midnight, a symmetrical Indian chief image; and How Many Days Until Spring, featuring a sexy girl taking off her bikini bottoms; and Dangerously Loud, a painted electric guitar.

Nick Simon is pushing the boundaries of street art, creating his own unique iconography and utilizing his Native American roots. “I just recently found out I’m Native American, which was prevalent in my work for the last seven years,” he said. “I was naturally drawn to the Native American motif for a long time, but only recently I found out why: My mom was adopted, and for Christmas last year, we got her a DNA kit; we found someone who had the same blood line as her, and it turned out to be her father, who is a Native American figure in Nevada. This happy and incredible discovery has changed the course of my art and life.”

Collaborations with companies such as Sony, Warner Bros., Serj Tankian, Atlantic Records, Coachella Music Festival, Absolut Vodka, Converse, TOMS Shoes, Sol Republic, the Audience, eOne Entertainment and American Idol to name a few, show you clearly CANTSTOPGOODBOY.

Robert Berry Gallery hosts several shows a year, representing early to mid-career contemporary artists including Alex Cao, Machiko Edmondson, David Kastner, Yibai Liao, Ned Martin, Taney Roniger, John Ruby, and Leonardo Silaghi. 

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