Silka Schwietzer

Silka Schwietzer is a German artist, born in 1965 in former Eastern – Germany. She left East Germany in 1983 and moved to the South of France in 1986, where she still lives and works as an artist.

She always dreamed of colours and light that have yet to exist in reality and all her work is an effort to reflect these on canvas. To bring them to life they must be given form and substance. Schwietzer operates spontaneously and intuitively. Sometimes, whilst working, a moment of peace descends, it satisfies the senses, and she is waiting as it develops. Her initial part of the work is completed, and the painting almost completes itself driven by this energy. As she is listening and observing her art the colors and textures develop. These forms and colors created by her hand distort into one another, reactions occur and new elements result. Therefore, each painting is totally unique and has its own soul.

For Schwietzer, the artist is a person who always seeks to live a life in union with his soul, to elicit all its secrets and translate its language onto a canvas.