Stillness and Light

– Featuring Matt Roe and Jochen Cerny –
Opens October 21st, 2021

Robert Berry Gallery is pleased to announce Stillness and Light, featuring new works by photographers Matt Roe and Jochen Cerny. The show will open on Thursday, October 21, 2021 at

Robert Berry Gallery, a premier New York City-based art gallery dedicated to promoting innovative contemporary art, announced its new virtual exhibition, Stillness and Light.

Featuring breathtaking, dynamic, and sometimes haunting images of New York’s most recognized landmarks—from the iconic Oculus transportation hub to Central Park’s Wollman Ice Rink, to the classical New York State Supreme Court Building to the legendary World’s Fair globe, to images of ordinary building entranceways and abandoned 9/11 fire trucks—this show offers something for everyone who has ever known, or loved, New York.

“The new works by Matt Roe and Jochen Cerny offer a fresh, vibrant perspective on the world’s most photogenic city, paired with the artists’ unique post-production elements, including rich color, and blurred imagery; suggestion of movement and pioneering print technologies,” stated Robert Berry, founder of Robert Berry Gallery. 

Works available include Jochen Cerny’s breathtaking Central Park I, featuring bright red leaves in a fall landscape down Central Park’s iconic promenade, and NY Oculus II, with the Oculus’ unique rib-like structure, showcasing the symmetry and majesty of the Oculus; Matt Roe’s Freedom Tower, a vertical image printed on a highly glossy silver metal background, is a unique and metropolitan shot of one of New York’s most publicized properties in the past decade, and Sphere, featuring New York’s famous Columbus Circle globe with its silvery, science-fiction appeal. 

Based in Connecticut, Matt Roe has been showing internationally for over 20 years in galleries, art festivals, and digitally. Roe has always had a passion for pushing the bounds of his creative talent and each technique he works with. The artist discovered a process where a photo is fused onto high gloss aluminum using attributes from the metal to highlight the details of the digital artwork. This style really comes to life in different lighting, and produces a life of its own well beyond the original photograph.

Though born in Düsseldorf, Jochen Cerny lived in New York for 10 years and fell in love with the landmarks of the city that he, later on, put into life with his camera. Cerny’s work is powerful at first glance, but offers more over time as they show some of the fragments, notations, and marking scattered throughout his imagery. His self-developed “CMPB technique” (Color Manipulation by applying Pixel sort and Blur effects) changes every shot with conscious color manipulation in such a way that the viewer is suggested to move primarily in a color space that finds a direct influence on his perception. The essence of the object is not alienated as the viewer should always recognize the basic features of the photographed object. His works begin to look like abstract paintings when exposure time and movement of the camera correspond with each other.

Robert Berry Gallery hosts several shows a year, representing early to mid-career contemporary artists including Alex Cao, Machiko Edmondson, David Kastner, Yibai Liao, Ned Martin, Taney Roniger, John Ruby, and Leonardo Silaghi. 

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