Kyeong-eui Moon

Kyeong-eui Moon (b. 1988) states that she portrays a person who lives in “My own Triangle.” This triangle has three axes that draw my attention: the traditional Western oil paintings, modern Korean dramas, and Japanese animation. Although these three are almost irrelevant each other, they become one scene through some virtual figures in my painting. I am between them as a glue.

The reason I went to art school was because I wanted to be a painter like E. Manet, M. Cassatt, J. Sargent, and M. Dumas. I wonder what comes out if I portray Asian characters in their way. I like various styles of painting, so it was difficult to choose one style of painting. So I decided to place different styles of painting and drawing on one painting. For example, I created some situation: a wall with a graffiti like an abstract painting, a man dressed in a pop art style T-shirt, and the Cezanne painting printed on a calendar. So I gather shapes that are unlikely to fit together. It sometimes becomes an awkward picture. I think that if these shapes are not harmonized, it will be understood as a screen with multiple layers. Like a digital selfie with an app filter or a photo with a graffiti dub. Nowadays we are good at seeing multiple layers in a single picture.