Leonardo Silaghi

Leonardo Silaghi (1987, Satu-Mare, Romania) is a Romanian artist currently living and working in New York and in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, where he graduated from the Painting Department of the University of Art and Design. Silaghi‘s artistic practice, based on an excellent academic education, has morphed remarkably in recent years, from the models of the Eastern-European tradition to the themes of Western painting. He addresses all his subjects and issues through the medium of painting, which researches carefully with great technical skill. The artist nonetheless retains great ease and dynamism within the medium. Figuration and abstraction are both part of Silaghi‘s repertoire, as much as colour and the concentration and reduction of his palette to hues of grey, a characteristic of his painting. Space is indicated by a minimal deployment of lines and depth is achieved without implementing shadows. The artist creates object-related representation by means of basic forms.