Matt Roe

As life progresses so does my style.  A nomad creator with a piece of my soul in every work. Each style that I work in becomes a part of my journey therefore becoming a part of myself … My philosophy is simple …. To change… To keep growing and pushing the bounds of life while simultaneously capturing a piece of my existence in every piece of work that I create.

My artistic influences include Van Gogh (colors), Dali (for style and thoughts), and Dr. Suess for the comical light side of life with an underlying theme. Working as a professional picture framer, I encounter art every day and my avocation has led me to the appreciation to the contemporary side of art. I was influenced by the energy and movement of Jackson Pollack’s style and saw myself in the chaos. I slowed myself down through meditation and as the chaos settled, I started to see through the layers of anxiety.

At the same time this idea to move into aging copper and creating works of art out of a chemical process to replicate our life experiences descended upon me. With each new step, a new understanding of myself and my surroundings, while always yearning to capture and create each experience as unique as it should be.